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Charlie · is · Here · and · Marked

Hmm... It's been just over a year.

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I think had I not been watching Akward I probably wouldn't be writing right now. I realize that my formative years were spent writing blogs and its interesting to watch a show where a blog is very important. Nothing interesting here. Trying to graduate, what's new? I've been on that path for the last 7yrs., so its about time. As much as I want a job, I'm not ready to give up summer. Oh, well, alls well that ends well. I guess. Not use to writing when the sun is up, so perhaps I'll be more chatty later... Off to the gym...bitch.
Where I Can Be Found At This Moment:
United States, Louisiana, New Orleans
bored bored
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"Put It Down" Brandy featuring Chris Brown
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